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Sale Conditions

The online shop is the exclusive property of the company Ricciardi Srl Vat Number: 07072800969 Tax Code: 07072800969 Entered in the Register of Companies of Milan and listed under Economic Administrative Index no. MI-1933591

Product Information

All products on this website are available and ready for shipment. The catalogue is updated in real time.

Because of variations in the package made by the producer, and beyond the control of the Seller, images of products offered for sale and visible on "product sheets", when available, may not correspond exactly to the actual images of the delivered product.

Required General Information

The Seller, pursuant to and in accordance with art. 7 of Legislative Decree no. 70 of 9 April, 2003, informs the Customer that the goods and products covered by this contract are sold by:
Ricciardi Srl
with registered office in Via B. D'Alviano 5, 20146 Milano
VAT Number 07072800969
Tax Code 07072800969, R. E. A. No. MI-1933591

Online sale is based on remote communication technologies via internet that are available to the Seller through the website
Any communication or enquiry may be submitted in writing to the following address: Ricciardi Srl, Via B. D'Alviano 5, 20146 Milano or to the e-mail address
These general sale conditions specifically govern any relations resulting from the agreement, which must be accepted and signed in its entirety, without any change.
In order for this agreement to become effective, the Customer must enter all required data and accept all conditions without reservations or modifications.
The Customer who signs the agreement declares, for the mere fact of his/her acceptance, to be in possession of capacities required by law. The Customer must be an adult, since the legal purchase age is eighteen years of age.
At the conclusion of this agreement, the rules laid down in Legislative Decree no. 196/30 and subsequent changes for protection of privacy, are deemed acknowledged, accepted and agreed to, and they are deemed as an integral part of this document. The Data Controller is Ricciardi Srl.
If the Customer does not understand these sale conditions in their entirety, he/she can ask the Seller for clarification using the contact details provided.
If the Customer does not agree with these general terms and conditions of sale in their entirety, he/she must refrain from making any type of purchase through the website
It is strictly prohibited to the Customer to enter false and/or invented and/or fictitious data and telephone numbers in the registration procedure, which is necessary for the execution of the order. It is also expressly forbidden to enter data belonging to third parties or to register more than one account for a single Customer. The Seller reserves the right to legally prosecute any abuse and any fraudulent action against the company and/or against other Customers in the interest and protection of all consumers.

Sale prices

All product prices are expressed in Euro, and they already include VAT. They refer to single units and do not include any duties or taxes applicable to destination country.
List prices may change at any time, and the Seller is not obliged to communicate this information.
The buyer is responsible for the cost of shipment and this is specified in the shipment table.
The Customer, prior to purchase, should check prices, transportation costs and the total amount in the order summary before checking out of the virtual shopping cart.

Agreement definition

The Customer can look at the shopping cart after choosing which products he/she intends to purchase and before finalising payment.
The order and the purchase are considered finished when the virtual payment process has been completed.
The Seller, in accordance with current legislation, shall confirm orders by sending a communication via e-mail to the address indicated when the order was placed.
If the payment process is not concluded, the order cannot be considered made and the agreement cannot be considered as stipulated. Therefore, in this case, the Seller cannot demand anything of Customer and the Customer must not consider the purchase process concluded, since the agreement has not been finalised.

Delivery of goods

Goods are delivered by couriers chosen by the Seller, to the address provided by the Customer.
Along with the package, the courier shall also deliver the invoice or fiscal receipt of purchase.
The goods shall be shipped within 1-2 business days from the order confirmation of the Seller.
Any special requests about delivery times or methods shall be communicated to the Seller.
At the time of delivery, the Customer must verify the integrity of packages and that these packages are the same that are indicated in the carrier's transport document.
After having checked the integrity of the package and their number, the customer must sign the delivery note, since this action implies the unconditional acceptance of goods.
The courier must be informed immediately of possible discrepancies and problems with the integrity of the package (tearing, crushing, tampering, etc.), and the package must not be accepted.
In this case, as soon as the Seller receives the unaccepted package, they will send another package, at the Seller’s expense, to replace the damaged goods. If necessary, the Customer's purchase will be refunded.

Right of withdrawal

The right of withdrawal is reserved only to natural persons, namely private consumers acting for purposes not related to their normal entrepreneurial, business, artisanal or professional activities. The right of withdrawal is not provided for legal and natural persons that have stipulated the purchase agreement in a professional context.
A Customer of Ricciardi Srl that acts as a Consumer, has the right to withdraw from the agreement, as provided by Consumer Code (Leg. D. 09.06.2005 No. 206, Updated to Decree Law 01.24.2012 No. 1).
The Consumer has the right to withdraw from the agreement stipulated according to these general conditions, without any penalty and without specifying any reason, within 14 (fourteen) business days from the date on which the Customer received the goods, pursuant to art. 64 and subsequent of the Consumer Code.
The right of withdrawal shall be exercised by sending a registered letter with return receipt stating the desire to withdraw from the purchase to the address indicated, within the time indicated in the previous paragraph.
This notice can be sent before mailing the letter - within the same time limit - by telegram, fax or email to the indicated address.
If the products have already been delivered, the Customer who informs the Seller of his/her withdrawal from purchase is required to return the goods by shipping them within 15 (fifteen) days from the date of dispatch of the notice of his/her intention to exercise the right of withdrawal.
In order to correctly exercise the right of withdrawal, the products must not have been used or damaged, and they must be returned in their original packaging and be sent to the Seller in a single shipment.
The Seller has the right not to accept the return of the products that have been altered in their essential and qualitative features, or that have been damaged.
In compliance with current regulations, the Seller reserves the right to not accept goods that are pieces of the same order that are returned and sent in different moments.
The Customer’s only expenses relating to right of withdrawal, in accordance with this article, are the shipping costs of the product to the Seller.

Refund methods and times

After products are returned, the Seller checks to confirm full compliance with the terms and conditions stated in these general sale conditions.
If the Seller finds irregularities while checking the returned goods (for example, open packages, or used and damaged products), it shall inform the Customer and, in the case of non-observance of obligations relating to the right of withdrawal, no refund is required.
If all obligations related to the right of withdrawal have been met, the Seller must refund the Customer the amount paid in the shortest possible time and in all cases within 30 days from the date on which it became aware of that the Customer intended to exercise his/her right of withdrawal.
If the addressee of the purchased products and the person paying for the purchase do not correspond, the Seller shall send the refund for the purchase to the person who paid for the purchase, if the right to withdrawal has been exercised.

Settling disputes

For civil disputes concerning this contract or connected to it, which may arise among parties, the mandatory territorial jurisdiction belongs to the Judge of the place in which the Consumer has his/her residence or domicile, if this place is located in the territory of the State, as set out in Article 63 of the Legislative Decree. 09.06.2005 No. 206 ( "Consumer Code" ) regarding the competent jurisdiction.
These general contractual conditions shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the applicable rules of the Italian law.
In the event of breach of these general contractual conditions by the User, Ricciardi Srl has the right to use legal proceedings to protect its rights, in accordance with applicable legislation.
The Consumer is guaranteed the rights provided by the Leg. D. 09.06.2005 No. 206 ( "Consumer Code") and subsequent additions or amendments.


We may issue discount codes (referred to hereafter as "Vouchers") that the User can use at the time of purchase of the products. Vouchers are issued in an alphanumeric code and their value (in Euro) is established unquestionably at our complete discretion. The Voucher can be entered by the User into the "Voucher" field while the order is being made. The entered voucher will automatically be deducted, before the payment, from the total amount of the order, excluding any possible shipping costs. Vouchers with percentage discounts are NOT applied to products that are already discounted. Vouchers are generally available for the user for a limited period of time, and after that time has expired, they can no longer be used. Vouchers can be subject to a minimum amount, and if that amount is not spent, the voucher cannot be used. Unless otherwise specified, the Voucher is personal and linked to the User's Account and can be used for only one purchase, after which the voucher becomes automatically invalid. Vouchers may not be sold and/or transferred to third parties. We reserve the right to cancel any previously issued Voucher, even before its expiry date, without the obligation to justify the reason and without entitlement to compensation and damages. We may also issue Vouchers for Users that invite acquaintances, friends and family members to look at website promotions and register on the website. For the fulfilment of this procedure, the Site provides some functionalities such as "Recommend to a friend", "Send an email of this promotion", "Share on Facebook", "Twitter", and other social networks etc. We reserve the right to cancel Vouchers issued to users that use improperly them, without any notice and without entitlement to compensation and damages.